Tol Velvet Total Repair Hair Mask 200ml

Repairing hair mask for dry and damaged hair
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Repairing hair mask for dry and damaged hair
The Tol Velvet Total Repair Hair Mask is a specialized mask with new biometric technology to nourish and repair dry and damaged hair from the root to the edges. It detects the most damaged part of hair, mimics the structural elements and restores. Moreover, it is enriched with natural ingredients and vitamins that enhance growth, protect against breaking and offer strength and shine to hair.

Smart and targeted Reparation
Biometric Keratin aims the damaged part of hair, offering total reparation. It mimics proteins which constitute the natural ingredients of the hair and focused on the parts that need more care. The combination of Pro- Vitamin B5 and Vitamin F(Omega 3- Omega 6 fatty acids) encloses and preserves the lost moisture of hair, facilitates combing and protects against the hair breaking.

Nourishing and protection
The extract of Maca's roots increases the collagen density on scalp, at the same time it protects the hair from climatic stress and enhances its defenses. Studies have proven that it activates the hair development up to 93% after eight (8) uses. (in vitro tests) Arginine, an amino acid which is naturally found in the hair and constitutes one of the basic proteins nourishes and enhances hair structure.

Emollient action and hydration
The oil of Avisynia has excellent moisturizing power and high amount of Omega 9 fatty acids. It reduces hair breakage about 55% and enhances the shinning and the natural hair color. The ingredient Farconsil, penetrates the inner of the hair, where it strengthens and reorganizes hair's internal structure. At the same time it creates a film around the hair that improves hair texture and protects it against the thermal and chemical degradation (hairdryer, hair dyes, styling products).